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Top Capital Needs Assessment Providers in New Jersey: Enhance Property Value

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Effective planning is crucial for building owners to ensure optimal performance over time. Criterium-Hanna Engineers, as New Jersey’s top Capital Needs Assessment providers offers these services both independently and as a supplement to Property Condition Assessments (PCA). Starting with a PCA’s detailed evaluation of the building’s current condition, the Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) forecasts capital….


Property Condition Assessment in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Guide

In New Jersey, property condition assessments (PCAs) play a vital role in the real estate transaction process. These assessments provide buyers, sellers, and lenders with critical information about the physical condition of a property before a sale is finalized. This article delves into the importance of PCAs, the processes involved, key areas of focus, and….


Need Your Building Inspected in New Jersey? S2760 Structural Inspection Law

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In the aftermath of the catastrophic building collapse in Florida, New Jersey has taken proactive legislative steps by enacting Bill S2760/A4384. This legislation specifically targets condominiums and cooperatives, with the goal of enhancing structural safety and preventing similar tragedies. It establishes stringent requirements for periodic structural inspections and the maintenance of reserve funds, ensuring buildings….


What are the Four Elements of a Building Envelope?

The building envelope is a critical yet often understated component of architectural design, playing a pivotal role in defining a structure’s aesthetic, functionality, and sustainability. This essential boundary separates the interior from the exterior, acting as a shield against environmental elements while maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere. In this exploration, we delve into the nuances….


Transition Study for a HOA in New Jersey – A Comprehensive Guide

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Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a crucial role in maintaining the value and desirability of a community. In New Jersey, where residential communities often feature complex amenities and shared spaces, the transition from developer to homeowner control is a critical phase. This article delves into the concept of a transition study, outlining why it’s essential, the….


What is a Condo Reserve Study and Who Needs One?

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A condominium reserve study, or also known as an HOA reserve study, is a comprehensive examination and evaluation of an association’s assets. Functioning as a strategic capital planning tool, it offers detailed guidance and analysis regarding the community’s assets. The primary objective of a reserve study is to assess the various components of a Homeowners….