Need Your Building Inspected in New Jersey? S2760 Structural Inspection Law

In the aftermath of the catastrophic building collapse in Florida, New Jersey has taken proactive legislative steps by enacting Bill S2760/A4384. This legislation specifically targets condominiums and cooperatives, with the goal of enhancing structural safety and preventing similar tragedies. It establishes stringent requirements for periodic structural inspections and the maintenance of reserve funds, ensuring buildings are well-maintained and structurally sound. For an in-depth look at the bill, visit the New Jersey Legislature.

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New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy enacted S2760 / A4384 into law, which took effect on January 8, 2024. This legislation introduces significant changes for community associations in New Jersey, focusing on two key areas: building inspections and reserve studies.

These components are designed to enhance the management and safety of community associations within the state.



Here’s a Detailed Overview of New Jersey Bill S2760/A4384. 

Inspection Timelines for New and Existing Buildings:

    • Aged older than 15 years must be inspected on or before January 8, 2026
    • Aged 1 to 15 years must be inspected within one (1) year of the building reaching fifteen (15) years
    • Any subsequent inspections shall take place within five (5) years of the preceding inspection
    • Regardless of the above timelines, if there is observable damage to a primary load bearing system noted during an inspection, a re-inspection must occur within sixty (60) days of the preceding inspection.
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    Structural Inspection Protocols:

    • Only a New Jersey licensed Professional Engineer (PE) can perform these critical inspections. They are responsible for evaluating the primary load-bearing system, documenting their findings in a detailed report, and recommending the timeline for subsequent inspections, which should not exceed 10 years within the first 20 years of a building’s life.
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    Scope of Application:

    • The legislation is applicable to buildings constructed with steel, concrete, or masonry as primary load-bearing materials, addressing those at higher risk of structural failure.
    • Light timber-framed buildings are generally excluded, unless they feature a concrete podium, acknowledging different risk profiles based on construction
    • materials and methods.

    Construction and Conversion Compliance:

    • For New Constructions: Continuous inspections throughout the construction process are mandatory, culminating in a final inspection before the issuance of an occupancy certificate to confirm compliance with approved plans.
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    • For Conversions to Condominium or Cooperative: A structural inspection report is required as part of the Planned Real Estate Full Disclosure registration, ensuring that converted buildings meet the same safety standards as new constructions.

    Financial Planning and Capital Reserves:

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    • Reserve Studies: These are vital for forecasting the long-term financial needs related to the maintenance, repair, or replacement of building components. Associations are required to conduct these studies every five years in line with the Community Associations Institute’s National Reserve Study Standards.


    • Funding Strategies: The reserve study must include a 30-year financial plan that accounts for the costs of structural inspections and anticipated repairs or replacements. This plan helps associations prepare financially for future needs and mitigates the risk of sudden, significant increases in common expense assessments due to unforeseen repairs.
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